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E-Ton is established in every state of Australia with a comprehensive dealer network. More than likely there will be an authorised E-Ton dealer near you. Part of our quality program requires that your new ATV receives a complete Pre-Delivery Inspection by our dealers and that all the safety and other features of your new ATV are pointed out to you.

We will not sell you an ATV straight out of a box. Your safety and the safety of your children is of paramount importance to us. Every ATV that we produce is thoroughly tested at our manufacturing site before it is packed for dispatch to our dealer network. E-Ton Australia also make sure that your new ATV is given its full pre-delivery checks before we ship to our dealer network. It is all a part of our commitment to quality, safety and customer satisfaction.

A quality ATV, SUV or Scooter is something to be proud of and should bring you many years of trouble free enjoyment.

If you are located in a remote location or have trouble finding a local dealer, then please do not hesitate to contact us on 0409 192 634 or sales@e-tonaustralia.com.au as alternate arrangements can easily be made.

A full listing of our dealers by Australian state can be found by clicking on the "Dealer Listing" link located in the metallic panel to the right or by clicking here.

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