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E-TON has a range of Youth ATV's named the Viper Series that are the best looking ATV's and cater for the different riding needs of the youth market on the market. The Viper Series are sure to turn heads with their sporty sleek designs. There are three types of ATV's in the Viper Series which cater for different levels of ability.

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The Viper Jr is a 2 stroke 40cc ATV that is designed for the beginner ATV rider aged 6 and over, wanting to experience the thrill and excitement of ATVís.

The Viper 50 is a 2 stroke 50cc ATV that is designed for riders over the age of 6 who have confidence in handling an ATV, and wants to experience some more horsepower.

The Viper 90/90R is the most powerful ATV in the Viper Series, it is a 2 stroke 90cc that is designed for riders that are over the age of 12, and want power when they need it.

E-TON also produces the Challenger 150, an SUV that allows the rider to get into and out of exciting locations. The Challenger 150 is designed for the more experienced rider aged over 16.

E-TONís main priority is safety however we have not forgotten the thrills and enjoyment you get when riding an E-TON ATV.

So COME ON buy E-TON and join our truckloads of satisifed customers today!

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