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Hyper Viper Racing Parts

Hyper Viper is an exclusive E-Ton Australia product range consisting of high-performance, quality engineered, affordable ATV racing components. If you are looking for a strong, reliable engine / transmission to begin modifying for big performance, then an E-Ton engine is THE engine. It is the mini quad engine that most frequently wins in the world today and there are highly developed race parts available for E-ton engines right here in Australia.

E-Ton is one of the most rugged and lightest weight production mini quads available. With tough easy to ride CVT transmission, air-cooled 2-stoke reliability and weight reduction. E-ton's suspension is good as any production mini quad available. E-Ton is THE one.

Most Hyper Viper components can be fitted easily onto your E-ton ATV, transforming it into a lean, mean, racing machine.

Just like you, we also conduct our research properly. Mini quads equipped with KOSO parts are widely used by many of the winning mini quad race teams in the USA and in the UK . E-Ton Australia is also proud to be the national distributor for KOSO Racing Parts and other top quality race components. We are your Hyper Viper performance specialists. We also cary racing parts for other 2 stroke quads.

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Hyper Viper Performance Parts available now from E-ton Australia

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Please Note. Some of these race parts are to be fitted by a suitably qualified engineer only. They will give you the best of extra performance and reliability if fitted correctly. There are no warranties on race parts, expressed or implied.

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